Sharing Time

Via YouTube by 8gram,
try to live broadcast easily.

Fun house party, birthday of family, the scene of the festival live,
Landscape of breathtaking attractions, etc.

8gram, with the API provided by YouTube, is an application which
can live broadcast made by using camera of mobile phones.

It can be shared all over the world, You who use this app can
easily tell your friends through SNS service as well.

Share your images
with the world 8gram.

You can run the application and start the broadcast only with 3 touches.
Video will be shared automatically on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.

Meet many stories around the world that being broadcast by 8GRAM app.

Getting Srated

  • STEP1Youtube Create a new channel. Verify your account by phone. Youtube Help - Create a new channel
  • STEP2Channel Manager [CREATOR STUDIO] -> Channel -> Status and features
    Create a live event. Youtube Help - Create a live event
  • STEP3To start the live broadcast from the 8GRAM!

Convenient Features
Alarm, Favorite

If you want to get any notification of broadcasts
you want, please set ¡®Alarm¡¯.
It will remind you whenever broadcast is just started.

You can enjoy broadcast anytime with adding to ¡®Favorite¡¯.

Is it your first time to live broadcast?

For the fist broadcasting, Youtube account is necessary because of
Youtube event API in real time.

As broadcast is transmitted in real time, under the condition of WIFI is recommended.
Or, check the remaining DATA or rate fee under the environment of LTE / 3G.